Our Infrastructure

Fully automatic toughen glass plant with latest technology
Production capacity of 10000sqft. Glasses per day

Glass Cutting machine

Glass cutting line with four station auto loader of latest technology capable to cut various thicknesses.

Glass Edge Machine

This machine is designed for polishing of bottom edge of glass.

Glass Drilling Machine

This drilling machine precisely drills holes of various sizes to the most stringent specifications.

Toughen Glass Unit

This shows the whole thoughen glass processing unit at Krishna Tuff.

Toughen Glass Plant

Toughened glass is a heat processed glass which is produced by heating an annealed glass approximately 650oC to 700oC at which point it begins to soften the surface of this heated glass are then cooled and quenched rapidly.

Insulating Line

Insulating line is a compact manufacturing line for easy insulating glass production. The efficient all-in-one solution of the insulating line is designed to meet all your insulating glass production needs of sound proof and heat proof and heat proof glass.

Bending Furnace

In this machine glass sheet can be hot worked at about 600oC to 800oC and can be given very attractive shapes and bending form to produce varieties of decorative glasses.

UV Printing Machine

This machine prints all types of designs according to the preferences.

K-Tuff Infrastructure

We completely understand the importance of being connected, and so we have chosen one of the

most vibrant states of India – Gujarat!


Krishna Tuff’s production facility is located in Gandhinagar while its corporate office is in Ahmedabad. The manufacturing plant is strategically located at this location as amazing roads pave a way to easy access to the raw materials required for glass making and on the other hand, there are a good number of suppliers available in this location.

Power supply & Backup

We cannot afford to waste a single minute just because of power interruptions. Hence, with 100 percent back up with DG sets in addition to dedicated power supply lines from the Indian government, we are able to produce 10000 sq ft glass per day.


Machine & Equipment

We have installed the latest machinery sourced from International destinations for our

manufacturing operations. Machines and equipments include:

  •  Glass cutting machine
  •  Glass edge machine
  •  UV printing machine
  •  Glass drilling machine
  •  Insulating line
  •  Toughened glass plant
  •  Bending Furnace
  • We also have sufficient arrangements for ensuring full safety and security of our employees plus

appropriate disposal and treatment of residuals are also taken care of.