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Krishna Tuff is a renowned player in the sphere of glass manufacturing and processing and the faith of our customers is what has inspired us to expand the range of products in a short course of time.

Here is all you want to know about our products:

Toughened glass

The toughened glass is made from out of annealed glass through the process called thermal tempering to give the glass the required strength. This type of glass is 4-5 ...

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Insulted Glass (DGU)

We offer two types of Units: Double Glazed Unit (DGU) /Insulated Glass: DGU insulated glass is made by combining two or more glass sheets together separated by a ...

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Triple Glazed Insulating Glass Unit Glass

Krishna tuff insulated glass are automatically sealed combination of two or more sheets of glass separated by dehydrated airspace. The air space between the glasses is filled within air or gas like ...

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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made by squeezing PVB sheet between two glass panes. Sealing is done by passing a series of pressure rollers and then by the process of autoclaving. During the manufacturing of the ...

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Bending glass

Getting a glass of the desired shape is no magic but science. The simple flat glass is heated to a point when it becomes red hot, then it is given the desired shape, and lastly, it is tempered by ...

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Digital Printed Glass

When the world has gone digital, so why not the glasses around should be made more creative. We thought you might like it too! So we have unleashed our ideas to give you the most vibrant digitally ...

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