Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made by squeezing PVB sheet between two glass panes. Sealing is done by passing a series of pressure rollers and then by the process of autoclaving. During the manufacturing of the laminated glass, chemical and mechanical bonding is developed between the glass and the PVB sheet. These glasses find their uses for security and safety purposes and can be used in:



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  • Automotive and transport industries
  • Building and housing products
  • Building facades
  • Car windshields
  • Due to the chemical bonding between the PVB and the glass, the laminated glass remains intact even if there is any breakage.
  • The material used in the PVB material has a visco-elastic property which in helps in the reduction of sound and hence provides acoustic insulation.
  • Installation is simple just like any other glass.
  • It is durable.
  • It is very safe for overhead glazing.
  • It reduces transmission of Ultra Violet rays and so protects the furniture from getting faded.
  • Protects people from injury as the glass remains intact even if it is broken
  • Provides greater safety and hence commonly used in the places that require higher security, such as jewellery shops and partitions.
  • The thick layers of the glass can withstand bullets and bomb blasts.


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